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Partners in Ministry

Team ministry is vital to New Testament missions and church planting. In the epistles we see Paul constantly mentioning fellow believers, many of whom were part of the mission team. Like Paul's missionary efforts, we need a team as well. After reading the age appropriate section, if you are still interested, please click on the "General Considerations" link on the bottom of the. 

Here's how you could get involved:

College/Grad Students: Consider an internship, serving with us for lengths between three months and a year.

College graduates and Grad students: Consider a residency, of one or two years length. 

Millennials/Career/Gen X: Consider getting a job in NYC and moving to Manhattan to live intentionally as a faithful church member, fully engaged in the life and mission of the church. 

Young couples: You've gotta live somewhere, and you have to live for something. A couple without children could certainly afford a small one bedroom apartment in midtown if both husband and wife work. 

Families: How can we say need to be very successful financially in order to raise a family in Manhattan. If you make well into six figures on a single income, this could be an incredible opportunity for your family. However, due to massive pressures of the city, a family with children will likely need to have one parent dedicated to looking after the kids, even if they attend public schools. There are no school buses driving around picking up kids. Few newcomers to the city will feel comfortable sending their 11 year old to take an hour subway ride to school on their own, though the locals do it all the time. Ordinary tasks such as grocery shopping or doing laundry for a family can very quickly become massive undertakings, not for the faint of heart. A family should only consider moving to Manhattan to be part of the team if they would be willing to move to a place such as the Middle East or Southeast Asia. Not to discourage anyone, but they must undertake such a move with the level of seriousness necessary for an overseas move. If both the husband and wife do not fully embrace the move, they should not come. 

Retirees/Boomers: This could be a great option for you, if you have a strong retirement income and good health.

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