Join the Team

Partners in Ministry (Cont.)


General Considerations

  • This is not an invitation to a perpetual vacation.

  • If your desire to come join our team has more to do with bright lights, meeting celebrities, and shopping sprees on Fifth Avenue than the great commission, you need not apply. 

  • If you are not currently a faithful church member where you are, attending your church every time the doors are open, this will not be a good fit for you.

  • If you are in poor health and unable to walk extended distances, this will not be a good fit for you. 

General expectations

  • Team members must be maturing believers who serve faithfully in their current local church. 

  • The type of people we are looking for are the ones whose church would consider it a great sacrifice to send. 

  • Team members will exercise their spiritual gifts for the upbuilding of the body of believers and the glory of God. 

  • The joy to come is greater than anything you will leave behind.