We are seeking financial partners

Pastor Andy Woodard’s love for the “least of these” has been a true reflection of Christ’s love for all. His commitment to meeting youth where they are took him to the New York City housing projects and has touched the lives of the rising generation. There, he built genuine relationships with young men and truly invested in their spiritual development. His love for Jesus, serving and sharing the Gospel with others drives him to the darkest places to spread the Light that transforms lives.
— Stacy Mosby, Young Life Chelsea, Director of Ministries
Andy has been a faithful part of my shepherding group for the past year at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I have been impressed with his passion to reach the people of New York with the good news of Jesus Christ. He’s manifested this at literally every meeting. Urban ministry is tough. It requires a special call of God to serve in an urban context, especially one like New York City. But Andy bears all the marks of such a call. And it’s not been developed from an idealistic distance, rather it has been forged in the reality of experience in the streets and with the people of the place where he wants to serve. Andy’s burden is to plant a biblically-based, Christ-centered church. Prayerfully consider participating in this ministry.
— Donald S. Whitney, Professor Biblical Spirituality and Associate Dean of the School of Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY. Author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life and Praying the Bible.

The Bible speaks much of finances. Jesus said to invest treasure in heaven. Paul wrote a thank you letter to the church at Philippi because they financially supported him from the very beginning of his ministry. Because of their giving, Paul said that they were partners in the ministry and so would receive a spiritual return on their investment. In fact, Paul didn't really even need the money, but he wanted them to have the opportunity to receive "fruit" credited to their "account." So now, for the last two thousand years the saints from the church at Philippi have been receiving the multiplying payout better than any pyramid scheme because of their initial gift. This is because they sponsored Paul for a period of time. He went out planting churches and making disciples which would make disciples. This gospel endeavor has prospered for the last two thousand years and resulted in a global movement that brought the gospel to you and me. And the saints from Philippi have been getting the spiritual payout since then. I don't know what kind of dividends God gives to His children, but I know He's far more generous than the most generous corporate executive.
Now you have the opportunity to get in on the "initial public offering" for New Covenant Church. Everything that is done; every life brought into the Kingdom of God, will be credited to the accounts of those who have held the rope and made it possible. 


We are Seeking Additional Team Members

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